Manufacture of ready-made cables

Kabel mit Stecker

Cables are cut to length, sheathed and imprinted fully automatically (in the colours black and white according to standard). Upon request, the individual wires can also be fitted with various types of end sleeves for strands or they can be insulated, twisted and solder-coated without using lead.

The cables can be wound and served. Alternatively, they can be packed individually in film.
Kundenspezifischer Druck Kundenspezifischer Druck
Customized pressure - Cables can be imprinted in white or black colour.

Kabel geschnitten Kabel mit Stecker Geschirmtes Kabel mit Stecker
Cables cut, sheathed, individual wires insulated, twisted and soldered - Shielded cable with plug - Cable with plug

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